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Kalananda Yoga Reflexology

with Federica Polverini 

Did you know that Plantar Reflexology is not just a massage?

Reflexology, whether plantar or palmar, provides deep relaxation and has a repairing and preventive aspect. It adapts to everyone's needs. allows a different and complementary approach to allopathic medicine. Reflexology aims to mobilize the body's self-healing processes. It is practiced by exerting sustained pressure, with the fingertips, on reflex zones or points located on the feet, hands and ears. These points correspond to organs or organic functions. Reflexology is not really a massage technique, although it may look like it at first glance. It would be more akin to shiatsu.


Reflexology does not claim to cure specific ailments.

Rather, it seeks to provide some relief from all kinds of ailments.

* It helps to regulate hormonal functions, menopause etc.

* It acts as a relaxant against anxiety and stress

* It helps regulate sleep

* Detox action: it stimulates the organs intended for the expulsion of bodily metabolization Kidneys, Faith, Intestines, Lungs and Skin

* It improves blood and lymphatic circulation

* It stimulates the urinary system and the immune system

* It helps with digestive system disorders

* It treats very painful areas of our bodies, otherwise untreatable during inflammation

* It treats the sensations of cold, heaviness and the concerns of hypertranspiration of the feet and much more ...

Federica's message:

The training will be spread over 4 sessions of 2 hours. The price is 250 DHS per session.

  After these 4 sessions you will be trained for self-healing in reflexology  plantar.

All you have to do is make an appointment and come and take care of yourself ....

for all reservations or additional information  

+ 212-654-666-881

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