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 The Shala

A fusion between Nature and Yoga
our yoga studio in the middle of a magnificent garden

The shala is installed on a 2000 m2 permaculture garden, located in a small village around Agadir where the atmosphere is very calm, which allows a harmonious combination with Yoga. 

Yoga classes are offered there throughout the week, in French or in English but the Shala is also an ideal place for your workshops and seminars considering the atmosphere, the generous space both outside inside as well as  the necessary equipment

Would you like to privatize the Shala by the hour or by the day?
The story behind the Shala

Françoise Barkat, founder of the permaculture space as well as the Shala, has been practicing Yoga for more than 20 years.

She was a Home Nurse until 2006 and her desire to get to know the human being led her to specialize in naturotherapy, aromatherapy, relaxology, reiki and finally Yoga.

His meeting with Paramahamsa Nithyananda, results in a second "birth". At his side, she trained in Yoga, in India, and is certified by IVHU (International Vedic Hindu University).
She continues to train regularly, mainly in India, and is certified 200h in Yoga Therapy, Kundalini, Power Yoga. 

His teaching is simple, direct, in contact with nature and the elements. She leads Yoga Teachers Training recognized by Yoga Alliance International.


His intention today is to share this art of living in the present moment, thanks to courses, training and tailor-made stays, in respect of the teachings of Patanjali and in the middle of sumptuous Moroccan landscapes.

Recently, she learned about permaculture and therefore created this garden space that surrounds the Shala. This is just one of the many accomplishments over the past few years as she keeps learning and doing new things.

a magical place to practice yoga
nos professeurs de yoga sont tous diplomés
yoga, meditation, cercle féminin, sound bath


lotus, symbole zen

Before knowing what Yoga is, it is important to know what it is not ...


Yoga is neither a physical exercise nor a breath control. These two practices are tools to achieve what  Patanjali defines as  being Yoga, namely: "the cessation of the automatic functioning of the mind".


It is defined as "the union with the divine, the union with the cosmic power, the cessation of the mind to go beyond it and become one with Existence".  Yoga is an ongoing process, and it never ends.


In our modern society, and particularly in the West, when we consider Yoga, we immediately associate it with being just a series of postures performed physically to promote strength, flexibility and balance in the body. some breathing exercises and some meditation practice to maintain an exotic flavor ...


Yoga is a great holistic science. It is one of the six basic systems of India. It has never been confined to being a specific practice, but a way of fully experiencing everything that touches every aspect of our existence. The great sage Patanjali, considered the father of Yoga,  teaches  in his extraordinary treatise "The Yoga Sutras", total mastery of all aspects of human life - body, breathing, mind, health and social relationships.

om, le son primordial

 Over time, the strength of Patanjali's message encoded in the Yoga Sutras has been diluted to accommodate the understanding of those who propagated it. Patanjali made it clear that Yoga is the instrument and the means of directing the mind without distraction or interruption.  In these Sutras, he answers questions about the nature of the mind and gives the means to stop its automatic functioning and conditioned by our past.

The heart of the Yoga Sutras is in relation to the perception of things, and the way in which our mind loses its original clarity.  At Kalananda Yoga Studio, we teach the 8 limbs of Yoga, Asthanga Yoga, respecting the teachings of Krishnamacharya. Patanjali recommends using  together the eight limbs of Yoga in order to attain the state  meditation and  thus remain in this state of clarity and awareness.

The soul of the practice of Yoga is to clarify our perception, and through  this process, go to a  deep transformation, and thus find our first state of bliss.

Simply put, Yoga is the way to unite us with our Supreme Self.  It means to become unified  in body, mind and spirit.  It involves movement from the outside to the inside. He accepts the individual as he is, where he is.

yoga sutras de Patanjali
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