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Kalananda Yoga Massages

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Classic Therapeutic Massage:

Set of gestures promoting energy circulation and muscle relaxation.

Mayan massage:

Legend has it that it was practiced in ancient times to "punish" a member of the group who allegedly committed a small "mischief". So this massage extracts the heavy energies directly in his attention from the inside to the outside of the body.

Yuhmeiro massage:

Japanese massage aimed at helping readjust the pelvic belt.

Subsequently, she perfected her training by learning Californian Massage under the tutelage of a practitioner.

(massages encompassing and offering emotional and relational work)

Today she is pleased to offer you a time of relaxation in a green space.

For you here and now a time  to feel the energy of life and the beauty that you are.

A time to let go!

Caroline's message:

Each massage will be personalized according to your needs, your expectations,  but also how I would feel at the time. Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss it together.

  At the end of the session, a drink is offered to give you time to take your time! For an hour of massage plan to stay on site 1h30

for all reservations or additional information 

+ 212-669-306-983

Caregiver for 20 years and Yoga Teacher. Her life course, her various professional and personal experiences as well as her interest in the healing professions led her to train in massage.

Passionate about travel and discovery, she has long developed a love for human contact. 

She therefore pushed the door of a training center in Mexico which gave her three certifications:

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