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Caregiver for 20 years and Yoga Teacher. Her life course, her various professional and personal experiences as well as her interest in the healing professions led her to train in massage.

Passionate about travel and discovery, she has long developed a love for human contact. 

She therefore pushed open the door of a training center in Mexico which gave her these three certifications:


Classic Therapeutic Massage:

Set of gestures promoting energy circulation and muscle relaxation.

Mayan massage:

Legend has it that it was practiced in ancient times to "punish" a member of the group who allegedly committed a small "mischief". So this massage extracts the heavy energies directly in his attention from the inside to the outside of the body.

Yuhmeiro massage:

Japanese massage aimed at helping readjust the pelvic belt.

Subsequently, she perfected her training by learning Californian Massage under the tutelage of a practitioner.

(massages encompassing and offering emotional and relational work)

Caroline's message:

Each massage will be personalized according to your needs, your expectations,  but also how I would feel at the time. Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss it together.

  At the end of the session, a drink is offered to give you time to take your time! For an hour of massage plan to stay on site 1h30

for all reservations or additional information 

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Of Japanese origin, shiatsu is a body therapy that acts on the different energy levels of the body, physical and psychic. Shiatsu is above all a preventive treatment that helps maintain health and prevent disease.



  Activates our parasympathetic system  

    Reduces stress and balances emotional life

    Improves the quality of sleep

    Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation

    Strengthens the body's self-defense system (immunity)

    Reduces tension, muscle and joint pain

    Relieves discomfort and digestive disorders

An analysis of the abdomen makes it possible to identify the problems and therefore to treat the person as well as possible individually.




Reflexology Therapy

Plantar reflexology is a parallel medicine that offers to treat certain pathologies, or simply tensions, from foot massages. It is used more and more to relieve stress, but also the tensions of the body.


Relaxing, it preserves the good condition of all the tissues of the feet (often rigid for the entire weight of the body)

Detox action, it stimulates the elimination of physical and emotional waste

Relaxing, it improves sleep, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation

Rebalances all organs  


1 hour of attention to an often forgotten body part, despite its great importance ...




The hijama is a therapeutic method widely used in prophetic medicine and allowing to cure many ailments. Ancestral it is also called  cupping therapy or extraction by suction cups and incisiotherapy.  


Rebalances the psycho / physical balance


Prevent problems related to seasonal changes (colds, etc.)

Detox action, they stimulate the expulsion of toxins and all physical and emotional waste  

Purification of all tissues and restores optimal blood and lymphatic circulation,  



A total well-being treatment with oils chosen specifically for you






Did you know that Plantar Reflexology is not just a massage?

Reflexology, whether plantar or palmar, provides deep relaxation and has a repairing and preventive aspect. It adapts to everyone's needs. allows a different and complementary approach to allopathic medicine. Reflexology aims to mobilize the body's self-healing processes. It is practiced by exerting sustained pressure, with the fingertips, on reflex zones or points located on the feet, hands and ears. These points correspond to organs or organic functions. Reflexology is not really a massage technique, although it may look like it at first glance. It would be more akin to shiatsu.


Reflexology does not claim to cure specific ailments.

Rather, it seeks to provide some relief from all kinds of ailments.

* It helps to regulate hormonal functions, menopause etc.

* It acts as a relaxant against anxiety and stress

* It helps regulate sleep

* Detox action: it stimulates the organs intended for the expulsion of bodily metabolization Kidneys, Faith, Intestines, Lungs and Skin

* It improves blood and lymphatic circulation

* It stimulates the urinary system and the immune system

* It helps with digestive system disorders

* It treats very painful areas of our bodies, otherwise untreatable during inflammation

* It treats the sensations of cold, heaviness and the concerns of hypertranspiration of the feet and much more ...

Federica's message:

The training will be spread over 4 sessions of 2 hours. The price is 250 DHS per session.

  After these 4 sessions you will be trained for self-healing in reflexology  plantar.

All you have to do is make an appointment and come and take care of yourself ....

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